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Such a nice boyfriend

But not his own

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Trying to get a ride

Life, Memes, and Reddit: Me when I realise the reason none of my memes are upvotes like good ones is because I create my own formats. What da fuq is life.. Sadly it’s true…

Honey there's lava everywhere what are you doing?

And the rest was history…

Funny, The Worst, and Yo: Enjoy your movie! BUTTS ROCКУVI You too? Thanks, you too! You too! Yo You too?ton? You too? Oh don’t worry Anyway None of this blood is mine Long story short, I panicked Easily the worst art style I’ve seen from these "funny" comic pages

Was finally going on a date with crush after 3 weeks of talking on the phone for hours every day. She ends it 2 days before…

Semi-Naked Woman Walks Into Spanish News Anchor's Interview Background

It ain't much, but…

Dammn he miss

Look again

So did they supported the Axis?

Jojo, Never, and Gentleman: Me after Pewds said that he only has watched Part 1 of jojo I, Speedwagon, shall allow none to harm this gentleman! What? You’ve never seen JoJo?

Please no touching

Another slow-mo of the rain

We need to innovate in order to increase productivity


Break checking with a motorcycle

We Just Want Free Stuff

Know the difference!

You're going to be a grandfather

Give that man a dollar.

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Move over Simone Biles. These frozen pants just stuck the landing.

Rigth in the feeling, remember

And the Troll of the decade goes too..


Free Shrugs…

Doggy style counts for double

Natural selection


OK Google

Total Bro finds turtles on the road… won't stop until he's got them all moved to safety!

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