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Confused, Fucking, and Retarded: MATLAB From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the region in Bangladesh, see Matlab (Bangladesh). Not to be confused with MATHLAB. MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a numerical computing environment and proprietary programming language. MATLAB is criticised as being "a piece of MATLAB shit", "total wank" and "a fucking disgrace to the industry".1 Although MATLAB is intended primarily for numerical computing, it’s fucking useless. An optional toolbox uses the MuPAD symbolic engine, allowing access to symbolic computing abilities, while an additional package, Simulink, adds graphical multi-domain simulation and model-based design for dynamic and embedded systems.[2] "Fuck knows" logol1] As of 2018, MATLAB has more than 3 million users worldwide. Poor fucking bastards.1 MATLAB R013 Contents [hide] Cammy 1 Etymology Fgures Fgure 1 Workpace Cument Folide Fig 2 History 3 Syntax 05- 3.1 Variables Command Hsory nncry 3.2 Vectors and matrices Command Window a 1– per pigs. 3.3 Structures ip mhai iagri dta 3.4 Functions MATLAB R2013a running on Windows 8 3.5 Function handles Developer(s) MathWorks 3.6 Classes and object-oriented programming 1984; 35 years ago Initial release 4 Criticisms R2019a March 20, 2019; 5 months Stable release 4.1 It’s fucking retarded ago 4.2 You have to pay for this crap None ] Preview release 4.3 The IDE is fucking terrible Written in C, C+, Java 4.4 Lack of zero-based indexing Operating system Windows, macOS, and Linux2 4.5 Semicolons don’t end lines ТA-32, х86-64 Platform 4.6 Functions don’t behave like functions Туре Fucking disgrace 4.7 Indexing syntax is wank License Shitty proprietary software 4.8 Indexing works on undefined variables Website 4.9 Shitty exception handling 4.10 Ranges are not end-exclusive MATLAB 4.11 Literally everything Paradigm Fucking useless 4 Graphics and graphical user interface programming MATLAB: Wikipedia gets real

Capitalism is the bestest thing ever

Someone wants in through the cat door.

Yes Please.

Photo of Alex Jones Turning Around In Court Gets the Royal Meme Treatment

Photo of Alex Jones Turning Around In Court Gets the Royal Meme Treatment 1

Beast mode..engaged.

How to talk to a baby

No partner no excuse

Women Drivers

Get your priorities straight

Monster: Aww maaaan

Mmph… mmmph… mmph…


Best, Waifu, and Fox: I, Speedwagon, shall allow none to lewd this fox! One best Waifu protecting other best Waifu.

Like all that wasn't enough

Why you always lying

This will come in handy

Click, Penis, and Gay: Gay Penis There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. named Gay Penis. The estimates for one or both names are not absolute. There may be fewer people with this name, or none at all. Click here for more details. My guy

These two cans

This happens every time

F**king breathtaking if you ask me

Never too big for a hug

Cut that onion !!!

The Majestic Hohenzollern Castle in Winter

Hey there, demons, it's me, ya boi

"Me using accountants and offshore havens to avoid paying taxes makes me smart."

Oh nice

Never gets old

Another slow-mo of the rain

Animals, Horses, and Minecraft: OMOJANG Search Dashboards Projects Issues Log In Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) MCPE-25548 Name Tags disappearing off of animals I name Export Details People Bug Type: Status: RESOLVED Reporter: Affects Version/s: Resolution: Duplicate Kevin Wigginton > Fix Version/s: None Votes: Labels: None 2 Vote for this issue Confirmation Status: Unconfirmed Watchers: Platform: Windows 10 – PC 2 Start watching this issue Description Dates I have placed name tags on animals inside my base that I have placed in a barn like a horse and 4 sheep in survival. However, when I exit the game and get back on Created: sometimes ill find that the name tags have completely disappeared off of all of them. 28/Aug/17 4:44 AM Im not sure if this is tied to the overall loading issue that is affecting windows 10 Updated: edition since my world is about 272mb in size chunks tend to load in pretty slow and maybe this is a bug thats caused from that im not sure but basically name tags keep vanishing off of the animals I name, so far being sheep and one of my horses. 05/Sep/17 10:37 AM Resolved: 05/Sep/17 10:37 AM Activity Felix wasn’t lying to us!

Winter has come to construction site

F**k them b*tches

People Recall The Moment They Realized Their Exes Were Straight-Up Crazy

People Recall The Moment They Realized Their Exes Were Straight-Up Crazy 2

If You Could Ask A White Person Anything

A Skinful of Memes to Last the Night

A Skinful of Memes to Last the Night 3

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