Plenty of Memes for People Who Refuse to Touch Grass

Whenever I’m feeling like a miserable little worm with zero self-worth or motivation in life other than to crawl around in the filth of my existence, the last thing I want to hear from anyone is “hey, maybe you should go outside.” In fact, when I’m in that state of mind, I don’t want to be perceived or referred to at all. All I need is a family size bag of chips, the internet, and several hours of doom-scrolling. I know it doesn’t sound healthy, but trust me—it works. Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours before I muster up the strength to rip myself away from rock bottom, but I always manage to claw my way out somehow. 

If you, too, have toxic coping mechanisms for the pain and suffering of existence, then how about we help you out with these mediocre memes? We swear they won’t make you feel any worse.