Rad Memes That Aren't Afraid to Rebel

Everybody needs to rebel at least a little bit. You’re not going to grow if you’re still adhering to your parent’s expectations of you when you’re years into adulthood. Rebellion teaches you things that obeying rules never could. You have to learn for yourself which rules are worth breaking and which rules help you out. 

I had my fair share of rebellious moments when I was a kid. I got a brown eyeliner pencil when I was 11, and my eyes looked like raccoon eyes by the time I was done with that thing. In high school, I became a master of breaking the rules without getting in trouble for it. As long as I was able to break the rules in a sneaky and comedic way, I was able to get away with a lot of tomfoolery. If you’re a fellow rebel girl, these random memes might make you smile.