Scatterbrained Memes for Frazzled Folks With the Anxiety Levels of Someone Being Hunted for Sport

Struck by another wave of totally preventable stresses, the anxious overthinker slinks to the floor. It’s chill down there… calming. Some of us shut down when we’re a little stressed out and anxious, but others seek laughter in the face of danger. Dark humorists are all anxious-types– the obvious signs are the self-deprecating humor and the ‘LOL jk’ at the end of every dark comment. Well, for those of us that have the anxiety levels of a person being hunted for sport, we can all attest that the lol’s and the jokes are actually quite helpful. 

Comedy saves us in many anxious situations, particularly when it’s in the form of memes. Memes that make us laugh at the pain and hide from the world are just like noise cancelling headphones in public transportation: 100% necessary. So if you’re an anxious stressor who’s frazzed to bits, these memes are for you. Keep scrolling to devour this week’s selection of anxiety memes that everyone can relate to.