‘Seeing if my 94 month old son still does the newborn scrunch’: The most entertaining takes from TikTok this week (April 23, 2024)

It’s kind of strange how people acted like TikTok was some kind of anomaly when it first became popular. In a lot of ways, it’s just a convoluted mix of many platforms that came before it—Vine and YouTube in the format, with Twitter, Tumblr, and even Reddit influencing the content. 

It goes without saying that at this point, it is far more than a throwaway app that teenagers do dance routines on. It’s become a go-to place where anyone with half an inclination towards oversharing on the internet puts up their thoughts, stories, and routines for all the world to see. We’re glad of that because it enables us to collect for you a selection of amusing screenshots like the ones below. For those of us who want all the updates on the state of internet humor today, we need look no further. It has to be said, it can get pretty creative.