Shoddy Boeing Memes That’ll Fall on Your Head From 30,000ft

Most people have been on a plane. Whether you’re an avid world traveler or you’ve just hopped on a budget flight to visit your meemaw in Phoenix, you know that there are several dangers surrounding air travel that are largely ignored. It’s casual nowadays to hop in an aluminum tube flying over 30,000ft in the air at 400mph… How is this not more concerning to people? 

Well, Boeing has made it everyone’s concern once again. 

Thanks to their terrible craftsmanship and shoddy building materials, Boeing has been smattered all over the news because their planes are falling apart in the sky–literally. For the general populous, it’s unsettling, but for the witty traveler, it can only mean one thing: Epic memes are on the way! So scroll onward for a hilarious selection of Boeing memes that’ll taste better than your airplane meal. 

Keep your seatbelt fastened and tray table in its upright and locked position, because we’re about to blow the doors off this thing!