An Acceptable Bunch of Memes For Friday Scrolling

Happy Friday, meme freaks and time-wasters. It’s officially the end of the workweek for office drones like us, and boy, did Monday through Thursday feel like an eternity. The grinding. The thanklessness. The crappy lunches and the complete lack of energy upon arriving home. 

Fortunately, for other 9-5ers like us, memes have got our backs. Instead of pretending to work for the last few hours of the day, or forcing yourself to go to happy hour, why not scroll through these perfect acceptable memes? It’s a diverse selection of that we’ve handpicked for their humor, and we think they might help you to kickstart your weekend vibe right. They may not be the best memes in the world, but let’s face it: Come Friday, we don’t have much brain power left anyway.