‘What swear words do you know in Canadian?’: 20+ stupid things commenters regrettably said out loud

We are all capable of supreme stupidity. Our neurons fire at such a rapid pace that of course something’s going to gum up the works every now and then. Having a stupid moment (or as we blondes call them, blonde moments) can be vulnerable since we’re all usually running around acting like we’re so smart. I do this with directions all the time. I’m so bad at knowing my way around that, more than once, I’ve turned the wrong way leaving my childhood home. 

But nothing will beat the time that I genuinely thought, “I wish they would make external pockets you could wear with any outfit.” A purse, girl. That’s a purse. But it’s good to know that I’m not alone– that we all have these secret ditzy moments that speckle our histories. This Reddit thread compiles some of the best ones. They will make you feel less alone in your stupidity